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I have been growing bonsai since 1960 and gradually over the last 20 years have concentrated more and more on Satsuki which have always been part of my collection. Now in 2008 I have 98% Satsuki and they number in the hundreds. I and two friends have started to bring in some choice varieties, some of which are very new with small flowers, which I am propagating and through both 3WM bonsai products and The Satsuki Society of Australasia Inc, will eventually distribute.

I have just completed a book on Satsuki called "Satsuki - from cutting to bonsai "and am hoping to publish within a year or so. Follow the links for more information when we have web sites up and running. In the meantime you can contact me on 61 (0)8 9572 3118 or on my email.

Fuji Mori ( Wisteria Woods )

Bought as field grown stock I have been developing it as bonsai for 5 years.

This does not appear in the usual Japanese catalogues but is mentioned in Frank Galle's book on Azaleas. It stands up to heat well and grows prolifically.

It seems to have plenty of Maruba ( Rhododendron Tamurae ) in it as can be seen by the rounded leaves. It is re-potted now every 3 - 4 years.

Fuji Mori satsuki azalea
Fuji Mori from Japanese field stock 5 yrs

Juko ( Congratulatory Light )

Bought in Japan at the same time as Fuji Mori, it belonged to an old man who had given up bonsai and it was very much out of order. It is now developing well but is very prone to leaf burn. I have to be quite careful with it - but well worth the effort.

It is an old variety which is a cross from Kotobuki X Gyoten.

Juko satsuki azalea
Juko 5 yrs from Japanese stock

Salmon Spray ( Bobbink & Atkins Macrantha Hybrid )

This is a cross from the 1940s and this bonsai has been developed from a cutting taken 4.5 yrs ago. The western Australian Mediterranean climate gives us a good long growing season. In Japan they were surprised that it was as young as it is.

Salmon Spray satsuki azalea
Salmon Spray 4.5 yrs old from a cutting

Yama no Hikari ( Mountain of Light )

A large bonsai because the flower and leaf size is quite big. The tree stands 85cm above the pot and has a glorious array of multi-coloured and multi-patterned flowers. These are shown at the top of the page. Definitely my favourite Satsuki.

It is being carefully groomed for a Satsuki show that we will be holding in Perth in Nov/Dec 2008

Yama no Hikari satsuki azalea
Yama no Hikari

Blue Moon

A hybrid from Nuccio's nurseries in California. It is tough, never seems to burn and has lovely flowers. It is so easy to grow. This one is also 4.5 years old.

Blue Moon satsuki azalea
Blue Moon 4.5 yrs from a cutting

Fuji Mori

Another Fuji Mori, this is a cutting from the large tree, just 5 years old and is a featured example in my book, of how quite a nice young bonsai can be developed quickly using the correct techniques.

Pictures below show the same tree at 3 & 4 years of development.

Fuji Mori satsuki azalea
Fuji Mori 5 years

Fuji Mori satsuki azalea
Fuji Mori 3 years

Fuji Mori satsuki azalea
Fuji Mori 4 years

Shinkyo ( Divine Mirror )

Shinkyo is a sport of a very old and famous variety called Yata no Kagami ( Sacred Mirror ). It has plain orange red, white and red, white and red with a white blush in the middle of each petal. A glorious thing in full flight! Control has to be exercised as the plain white and plain red will dominate if you allow them to become too strong.

This is another 4.5 yr old bonsai.

Shinkyo satsuki azalea
Shinkyo 4.5 yrs from a cutting

Shinkyo ( Divine Mirror )

Pruned, wired and shaped after flowering.

This is the next stage of this Bonsai's development.

Shinkyo satsuki azalea


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